Everything must go

You know what it’s like on the last few days of the sale. You’re suddenly overwhelmed with a mad urge to buy up all that’s left. Things that you wouldn’t normally be seen dead in, become attractive.

And so to the last days before the new season. The price has dropped sufficiently on Michael Standing for Jim Smith to snap him up. Smith has been admiring him for some weeks. All reports suggest that this is a pretty decent bargain.

Slightly more perplexing is that from nowhere, Arthur Gnohere has been signed up, making him the first Arthur at Oxford in a generation (or six). Presumably Smith simply thought he’d look nice alongside his impressive centre-back collection adding to Corcoran, Quinn, Willmott, Gilchrist, Foster and Day.

No disrespect to the player, but given this roll call; why do we need him? Perhaps he looked great in the shop… it makes you think that he might end up left in the back of the cupboard never to be used?

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