Oxblogger started in 2006 when Oxford United were relegated from the Football League. It felt like we’d hit rock bottom after decades of mismanagement. That seemed like a good time to start a blog about the club. Its original aim was to track our progress back into the Football League and then onto a Champions League win. We haven’t quite made it yet.

We have, however, won derby games, two promotions and visited Wembley three times. So, it’s been OK. So, have a look around, read the posts and leave comments, also you can follow me on Twitter.


I have reservations about selling stuff on this site, but when I found Teemill, I thought it might be fun to design some t-shirts. You can buy them here.

Teemill don’t use sweatshops, have sustainable materials and generally seem to be very ethical people.

Full disclosure – I make about £2 from each sale and am liable for returns. I need to sell 10 t-shirts to cover the cost of one return. I could pay £10 a month to get access to more services, but I’d have to sell another five t-shirts a month to cover those costs. So at the moment, I’m using their basic service.

I will occasionally change the designs, when I have the inspiration and I will occasionally remind people it exist. Remind, not sell.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the purpose of the blog is the fun of creating it and the purpose of the merchandise is the fun of creating it. I’m not likely to make any money from this stuff, but if you like it, please have a look. If you don’t, that’s fine too.

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