Singing the blues

A new look for a new season for Oxblogger. Fear not, the new design will soon be available at an extortionate price from the club shop and we shall be launching a series of limited edition designs to celebrate dubious anniversaries as the year progresses.

Apart from being bored with the old look, the new design is somewhat of an homage to the launch of the new shirt, which was revealed yesterday at the Fun Day. Personally, I would like to see us settle on a traditional away colour; like West Brom have with their green and yellow stripes. I don’t like us chopping and changing depending on the vagaries of fashion. Looking at the terrifyingly comprehensive Oxkits, you can argue that red is our traditional away colour, but as these shirts are more about making money than clashing colours at away games and so the red/Swindon link, probably means we’re unlikely to see the like again.

The blue/black axis has been explored extensively in recent years. Black is banned at this level, and in my view should be banned period. So it looks like we’re settling on blue. I’m trying to ignore the fact that it doesn’t appear to have any yellow in it and has been styled on the Chelsea shirt. It would have been nice to make the piping yellow or something and therefore, more ‘ours’. The Chelsea link is the most distasteful, but I’m prepared to let it lie on aesthetics alone – rather like ignoring that your favourite trousers have probably been stitched by a child slave is South East Asia.

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