Jeannin in, Trainer training, Ledgister register

Signings 2, 3 and 4 appear to be on their way with Jeannin, Trainer and Ledgister all being offered deals. Jeannin is probably the most interesting of the three in that he fills the obvious gap at left back. And he’s French, which just seems so exotic. It’s like Christophe Remy all over again.

Jim Smith is quoted on the official site as saying that Ngoma isn’t going to be offered a contract – “He is a decent player but that’s against him” is how it’s stated. Presumably his right-sidedness is the problem not his ability.

We’re less than a month from the opening game of the season and it wouldn’t surprise me if we didn’t see another signing. The four newbies will restore numerical parity to the squad, if you take Gunn, Kennet and Beechers out of last year’s equation. Whilst none of the new signings get the heart racing, there is some reason to look at the squad as being more solid. Like a vintage classic car, last year’s squad looked shiny and stylish when tootling along during the summer months, but as soon as the rain came the windscreen wipers (or Gavin Johnson) fell off and the roof(us Brevett) started to leak. More of a Ford Focus this year, perhaps. A lesson well learnt.

Corcoran may come in, a welcome addition, but the Big Zebroski’s appears to be skulking at the back of Milwall’s pre-season squad hoping nobody’s noticed he’s still hanging around.

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