Twigger happy

A signing! Only a bloody signing! And not any old signing either, it’s only bloody Gary Twigg. You know Gary Twigg don’t you? From Airdrie. Yes, that Gary Twigg. Not a man who’s been setting the football world alight in recent years, admittedly, but Jim Smith must know something we don’t because he’s been after him for a while. Who knows what snags can be hold up a lower league journeyman’s transfer. Image rights?

Twiggy, as he may or may not become known, is an international man of mystery on the Internet. Airdrie have the worst official website in history, unlike our own hyperactive monster, and there doesn’t appear to be a mention of their star man anywhere.

Typical of this level, Twigg appears to be of no fixed abode when it comes to the position he plays. Apparently he notched a moderate number of goals from midfield in what was hardly a season of legend for the Waysiders, but he can play on the wing or as a striker. Which probably is simply a way of hedging your bets when starved of service; “Me? Striker? Never, stick me on the wing, then you’ll see me do the business”.

But, he did score goals last season, up front or from midfield that’s not to be sniffed at.

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