Coming up: Accrington

The drop

The biggest game, massive, gigantic. If you needed any reminder of how massive this game is both fans and Michael Appleton have implored each other to understand its sheer massiveness.

Way to put pressure on everyone. Yes, a win would be particularly helpful against Accrington at this point in the season. But, Stanley are another of a succession on teams that have appeared in fourth place off the back of a half decent run, and the ineptitude of those around them; Mansfield (now 7th) and Bristol Rovers (8th) have both been our primary threat in recent weeks.

That implies to me that onky three teams have shown consistency this season, and the rest are typical of League 2, producing fitfully throughout the year.

There’s a particularly disingenuous piece in the Northampton Chronicle about Tuesday’s game, but one this Chris Wilder does say is that football is a physical, technical, tactical and psychological game; if we perform consistently in all four areas, then we should be just fine.

Old game of the day

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