Yellows 0 Torquay 2

We all love Alan Sugar don’t we? He’s irascible and opinionated. And Jeremy Clarkson, Piers Morgan and Margaret Thatcher to name but three. We are rewarded for decisiveness. The ability to make a decision is seen as a strength. It, I suppose, gives us assurance that in a world of uncertainty, someone is sure of what’s what. It is almost irrelevant how wrong or arrogant they are.

Which leads us to the conclusion that you should never give someone assuming a position of authority the opportunity to make a decision. Which is exactly what Craig Nelthorpe did on Saturday. I don’t know that his tackle was malicious or dangerous, but give a referee the opportunity to send a man off, and he will.

Which is pretty much the measure of where we are – a few decisions away from the play-offs or even the championship. Chris Carruthers makes a bad decision for the first goal, Billy Turley loses concentration – a form of poor decision making – for the second.

Turley can be forgiven for his sin, but Carruthers is looking a weak link in a team that otherwise looked composed if unthreatening. The Kassam curva looked and sounded magnificent, the crowd were patient – even at the final whistle. The team are still needing of a little summink summink, but the ingredients are coming together nicely. It’s going to take a hell of a tour of duty during March for it to mean something this season but beyond that we’ve got a chance.

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