Yellows 1 Mansfield 0

All the talk on the Kassam curva after Saturday’s game was the big result. Not of our win, but of the 0-9 destruction of Weymouth by Rushden. Oh, how funny it all was, until we found out that it was actually the death throws of the whole club.

It reminded me of Daniel Sherrard at primary school who, on an freezing winters day, lay for a good hour holding his arm having fallen sliding down one of the iced up paths. We continued to play and laugh at his prostrate form. It was only later that we found he’d dislocated his shoulder. Not so funny now.

Distastefully, we might benefit from Weymouth’s plight more than most around us. The five points we’ve dropped to them may effectively be returned if they fail to make it to April. But then, everything is going our way at the moment.

I suggest, however, that we’re not quite as good as we think we are. This is no criticism of Chris Wilder or his team. The form we’re demonstrating is fantastic and the win against Mansfield hard won. But it demonstrated that we’re not a championship winning team who have been wronged by incompetent administrators. We are part of a batch of about 9 teams vying for a play-off spot. We’re not a Burton, Aldershot or Dagenham who have reached a level of stability we’re closer than we were six months ago, but we’ve some way still to go.

So onto Torquay – the most exciting game of the season. Others’ may have games in hand and we may have a stack of away games to go. But when the alternative is what is happening at Weymouth, then perhaps we should be thankful for small mercies.

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