News round-up: Ledgister unregistered, Day’s break

More close season shadow boxing this week as Joel Ledgister bade his inevitable farewell and Matt Day prolonged his curious Oxford career by signing a new contract.

With Ledgister, Darren Patterson officially said it was nothing personal; though if the recent quote that his attitude stinks is true, Ledgister might be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

You’ve got to have talent to get paid to play football at any level. Those who really succeed understand the need to work at their game, play the politics of the club and staying on the side of the manager. You’ve got to be some player to act like a tit and survive.

Ledgister would do well to look at Matt Day’s career. Speed, intelligence and creative ball-play are not on Day’s CV. But he does have the ability to work within a squad. Last season he lost his way – let’s face it, he probably needs to have someone to tell him which shoes go on which feet – but having Darren Patterson reminding him to invest in what he’s good is at the heart of his revival.

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