No-news round up

What do professional footballers do during their summer holidays? Not those who have OK! sponsored weddings, normal ones.

Presumably some go off with their families on holiday, catch up with a bit of DIY and watch the football. Others will inevitably disappear off to some party island and do things that professional athletes shouldn’t do. This latter approach illustrated by Yemi in an interview in last year’s programme – “where did you go on holiday and what was it like” to which he replied darkly – ‘Corfu with Danny Rose, one word – quality.’

You know things are quiet when Chris Willmott hobbles out from the physio room for his annual ‘I’m fit and raring to go for the new season’ interview before stubbing his foot on a table leg.

No new signings will worry some; although this follows the pattern of the last two years. Most contracts run out at the end of June, so it’s still a bit early. However, whilst the post-June signing splurge worked(-ish) two years ago, it clearly didn’t last year.

Still at least we’ve got Portsmouth coming down for a friendly – and a Manchester United XI (for this read – a team of Danny Roses – one word, quality), which relieves the ignominy of hosting glamour friendlies against Wycombe and Cheltenham. Jim Smith’s powers may have weakened in recent years, but on some fronts he is second to none.

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