Give me a sign(ing)

Aside from the welcome, but not unexpected signing of Luke Foster this week, how are we to read the current inactivity in the transfer market jumble sale?

Scenario 1
Jim Smith cannot land anyone; players of quality, managers with players they’re trying to ship out on loan and agents with players out of contract. None of them are coming through.

Meanwhile Smith knows it will come good, that the fifteen professionals at the club will be OK.

Scenario 2
Deals are being done, or have been done and once 1st July passes, when most contracts are up, the players will be revealed.

Who knows? But somehow it seems unlikely that scenario 1 is currently playing out. We remain an attractive proposition to any player hovering around the League 2/Conference level. Nobody can deny the lack of numbers even if we can convince ourselves that the quality is there to compete. So, if Smith is struggling to sign players, you would expect, as time passes, for him to lower his sights somewhat.

Looking back, we actually didn’t sign our first player, Gilly, until late June, three more came a week later and a couple more within a week of the opening game. It would appear that we should wait before judging; it seems unlikely that Smith has forgotten how to do this.

The new players are out there, somewhere.

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