There’s something to be said for stuttering before the play-offs flushing out some of the old demons before finding a bit of form. There’s no point in peaking early.

Assuming that the play-off places are between any four of us, Exeter, York, Morecambe and Burton – in this particular mini-league over the last 10 games we’re third of the five. In the last six games, we’re fifth of the five.

This would suggest that we’re falling away, but we’re not a team that does things by half – our season has been one that is either all conquering, or all conquered. Reports from the Northwich game suggest we battered them second half, which is what we did in the Dagenham game. In between, the Burton game was a tepid stalemate from which its difficult to draw anything.

Perhaps we’re bottoming out, ready for a steady climb. There certainly seems to be goals in the Weymouth game on tomorrow, which may trigger another of the surges that has characterised the season.

I don’t think I’m alone in having lost the thread about where this season is going. There’s no micro or macro trend that gives away where it’s all heading. It’s all very well talking about the lack of a striker and key injuries, but we have what we have. I hope those in the Carlotti tracksuits know what needs doing because I don’t.

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