Transfer window: Sills

Looks like Tim Sills is on his way to Exeter, not, it has to be said, the kind of news which will cause Steven-Gerrard-to-Chelsea type apoplexy. The little we’ve seen of Sills suggests he is a classic non-league type footballer; whereby his eloquence in front of the world’s media Radio Oxford far out strips his abilities on the pitch; though there is no doubting the effort and endeavour in his play. For me at least, I prefer watching those players playing for plucky non-league clubs on FA Cup Match of the Day.

Those beneficiaries or victims (depending on how you look at it) of the January asset strip have been in the news; Lee Bradbury has signed a 2 year contract at Southend, Chris Hackett could be on his way to Carlisle, whilst Craig Davies is on the look-out for a new club after Verona told him to get on his bike. Not that any of this goes to further illustrate the nub of last season’s problems, of course.

I reckon we’re down to 10 experienced pros including two goalkeepers and three who are out of contract at the end of the month. I’m not yet advocating a few fan-placating panic buys just yet, but a couple of credible rumours would be nice.

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