The others

To be honest, I can’t work out who is still in contract and who isn’t, so instead, here’s the rest of the squad as it currently stands.

Billy Turley
He is out of contract but has been offered a new one. Brash, noisy occasionally brilliant (as most of his performance against Leyton Orient proved), also capable of being a supreme dipstick and poor communicator (as the other bits of his performance against Leyton Orient proved).

Chris Tardif
Time And Relative Dimensions In Football… Another one out of contract with an offer on the table. utterly baffling player on all sorts of levels. A great shot stopper, never out of his depth in League 2, never really did anything wrong. Then why did both Brian Talbot and Jim Smith insist on signing keepers to replace him as soon as they arrived. In a league with a wage cap, you’d suspect that either Turley or Tardif next season. Both is a luxury.

Lee Mansell
Scuttles around like he’s terribly busy. His industriousness and enthusiasm won him supporters player of the year last year not his crossing. Difficult to know where to play him.

Barry Quinn
Steady, unspectacular and hard as nails. A good man to have in your team. The third player who has been offered another contract but good enough to find another league club.

Chris Willmott
Built like a brick shit house, sometimes plays like one, but generally looks like a player in control of his surrounds.

Yemi Odubade
A classic panic buy from Eastbourne Borough. Really quick, scares defenders, doesn’t score much, which is what he’s paid to do.

Steve Basham
Scores regularly if not prolifically. As skillful as anyone in the squad, plays with his brain and speaks eloquently when interviewed. Doesn’t have the speed to excite but the team is generally more controlled when he’s playing.

Chris Hargreaves
All action midfielder, lunges in where others fear to lunge. Always chases down the second ball, usually because it’s him whose scuffed the first ball into the path of the oncoming attacker.

Tim Sills
Like Yemi, a panic buy. Seemed a bit soft for a target man given some of the bruts occupying the centre back positions in League 2. Not really up to league standard on his performances so far, although he’s desperate to prove he is.

John Dempster
Showed very little of what he’s got so far due to injury and suspension.

Andy Burgess
Supposed to provide creativity in the middle of the park and clearly is more cultured than most. Provided more quality on set plays but was signed when he’d just recovering from a broken leg and appeared to shirk the odd tackle. Difficult to know whether he’s just a big softy or not.

Tom Winters, Ben Weeden, Tom Franklin
Youth teamers mostly, all probably destined to play in the Premiership… or not… who knows?

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