Oxblogger @ 15 – 50 vaguely interesting stats about The Oxblogger Years

  1. 1. Oxblogger has been going for fifteen years, that’s 1,166 posts or 787,927 words. That’s more than War and Peace and just short of the King James Bible. Jeepers.

2. In 2006 the average post had 286 words, this year it’s 1,034, a slight drop from a peak of 1,115 in 2020 which was due to some much longer reads during the pandemic.

3. The first post was about players we’d released after our relegation to the Conference, including Warren Goodhind. Whoever he is.

3. Over that time, we’ve played 778 games, winning 329, drawing 209 and losing 240. We’ve scored 1094 and conceded 872.

4. There have been a total of nine managers, the big three – Chris Wilder (258), Karl Robinson (174) and Michael Appleton (166) make up 77% of the games.

Manager appearances
1Chris Wilder258
2Karl Robinson174
3Michael Appleton166
4Jim Smith71
5Darren Patterson52
6Pep Clotet30
7Mickey Lewis12
8Gary Waddock8
9Derek Fazackerley7

5. Michael Appleton and Chris Wilder both enjoyed win ratios of 45%, Jim Smith 43%, Karl Robinson 41%, Darren Patterson 40%, Pep Clotet 33%, Mickey Lewis and Derek Fazackerley 25% and Gary Waddock 12%.

6. 299 players have started games for the club.

7. Five players have broken the 200 game barrier, Jake Wright has the most with 279 appearances, although if Josh Ruffels signs a new contract, he would pass that figure early next season. Simon Eastwood is fifth with 215 appearances and with a new contract, it’s conceivable that he could go to the top of the list.

Top Five appearances
1Jake Wright279
2Josh Ruffels273
3Ryan Clarke266
4James Constable233
5Simon Eastwood215

8. Ryan Clarke is the record FA Cup appearance holder with 18 appearances.

9. Josh Ruffels and Sam Long jointly hold the record number of League Cup appearances with 11.

10. Simon Eastwood has played 21 FA Trophy games.

11. Billy Turley has the record number of FA Trophy games with nine.

12. Matt Day and Yemi Odubade hold the Setanta Shield record appearances with two.

13. Tyler Roberts started six games on loan from West Brom, none of them in the league.

14. George Baldock is our record appearance holder for a loanee who didn’t sign permanently with 36.

15. Two players have won the SCELFF – playing in the Setanta Shield, Conference, EFL Trophy, League Cup, FA Trophy and FA Cup – James Constable and Danny Rose. Yes, it’s a thing.

16. 160 players have scored goals for the club.

17. As you’d expect, James Constable is the record goalscorer by some distance – 106 goals is more than the next two combined; although both James Henry and Matty Taylor are still under contract.

Top five goalscorers
1James Constable106
2James Henry47
3Matty Taylor36
4Kemar Roofe32
5Danny Hylton30

18. James Constable is our record Conference goalscorer with 54, followed by Yemi Odubade (30) and Rob Duffy (27). Odubade is the highest goalscorer never to have played in the Football League in 7th.

19. Excluding the Conference, James Constable is our top league goalscorer with 54 goals, but James Henry is just seven behind.

20. James Constable is our FA Cup record goalscorer with seven.

21. Danny Hylton’s three goals in the League Cup gives him the record.

22. Rob Hall is our record FA Trophy goalscorer with a haul of eight.

23. Jack Midson’s three goals is a record in the FA Trophy.

24. Eddie Hutchinson is our Setanta Shield record holder with one goal, a record that may never be surpassed.

25. With 13 goals, Marcus Browne is the record goalscorer for a loanee who has never signed for permanently.

26. We’ve played 109 different clubs over that 15 year period.

Most played teams
1AFC Wimbledon24
2Burton Albion23
3Accrington Stanley20
4Southend United20
5Bristol Rovers19

27. We’ve played Wimbledon the most with 24 games, followed by Burton (23), Accrington and Southend (20). Bristol Rovers (19) makes up the top 5.

28. Not counting Under-23 teams there are 12 teams we’ve played once – Bournemouth, Birmingham City, Brighton and Hove Albion, Bristol City, Cardiff City, Grimsby Town, Leeds United, Merstham, Middlesborough, Sheffield Wednesday, Swansea City and West Bromwich Albion.

29. Of the players who have played more than 50 games, Kemar Roofe has the best goals per game ratio. He scored in 52% of his games, closely followed by Matty Taylor, who is on 51%.

30. Ten players managed to play more than 50 games without scoring. Excluding the goalkeepers – those players were Dannie Bulman, Jamie Hanson, David Hunt, Joe Skarz, Anthony Tonkin and Jake Wright who managed drew a blank in every one of his 279 games.

31. There have nine league hat-tricks – Rob Duffy, James Constable, Jack Midson, Kemar Roofe, Gavin Whyte and Tariqe Fosu. Tommy Craddock scored four and Conor McAleny has two within weeks of each other. In addition Rob Hall and Kane Hemmings have hat-tricks in the EFL Trophy.

32. In the league era, thirty-seven players have been sent off; James Constable has four sendings off followed by Damian Batt and Jake Wright, who were both sent off twice. Honourable mention to Ahmed Kashi who managed to be sent off twice in just eight starts and four substitute appearances.

33. We’ve played some of the big teams, so obviously the biggest home crowd was 11,963 for our play-off semi-final against Rushden & Diamonds in 2010.

Highest home crowd
1Rushden & Diamonds (2010)11963
2Man City11956
3Swindon 11825
4Man City 11817
5Wycombe (2016)11815

34. Our FA Cup trip to Newcastle is the biggest away crowd – 52,221, the biggest away league crowd was 33,394 against Sunderland.

Highest away crowds
1.Newcastle (2020)52,221
5.Middlesborough (2017)28,198

35. Of course, that doesn’t account for four trips to Wembley – v York (42,669), Barnsley (59,230) and Coventry City (74,434).

36. There have been a few Twitter World Cups like the World Cup of Strikers which was won by James Constable.

37. Matt Elliott won the World Cup of Central Defenders.

38. World Cup of Away Days was won by Swindon Town in 2017.

39. James Constable won the World Cup of the 2010s.

40. Jake Wright won the World Cup of the first 10 years of Oxblogger.

41. Simon Eastwood won the World Cup of Goalkeepers.

42. Wycombe in 2016 won the World Cup of Kassam Stadium games.

43. Joey Beauchamp was voted the Player of the 1990s.

44. James Constable was voted the Player of the 2000s.

45. Kemar Roofe was voted Player of the 2010s.

46. The tallest player to play for us was Ben Futcher at 2.01 metres tall, five centimetres taller than Elliott Moore in second.

47. The oldest player to play for us was Chris Hargreaves at 38.

48. The youngest was Gaitlin O’Donker – who was 16 when he played against Forest Green in 2020.

49. He was 17 months old when Oxblogger started.

50. Blimey.

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