Games of Note: Sunderland

1 September 2018 – 1-1 Away

One club was a giant, still suckling off the parachute payments of the Premier League. The other, a disorganised mess still trying find a foothold in the season. A mismatch surely?

12 September 1992 – 0-1 Away

Lots to enjoy here, if not the result. Mike Ford being sent off because Andy Melville handled the ball on the line, Imre Varadi making a fleeting appearance and a couple of moments of genius ‘keeping from Paul Reece.

3 March 1973 – 0-1 Home

Up until recently, there was a much longer clip of this game. Instead, here’s 42 seconds of The Manor in 1973 looking all loverly and that.

19 September 1998 – Away 0-7

You know that something is up when you concede seven. In 1998/99 we managed to do it twice. The first one was at Sunderland. If you can bare it, there are six minutes of the game to watch here.

27 February 1999 – Home 0-0

On the face of it, nothing to write home about in this one. Being there on the night only confirmed it. But, it was the first game ever to be televised via pay-per-view in the UK. The only moment of note in this game was a frantic goal line scramble in front of the London Road; a friend was with me watching her first game. Once the ball was cleared, she turned and said ‘A think I’ve just wee’ed myself a little bit.’

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