Coming up – Portsmouth

The drop

Good lord it’s been a long month. Notts County into Swansea into Millwall into Bristol Rovers into Portsmouth. And if that’s not enough then it’s just the trifling matter of Blackburn next week, which, if you need reminding, replaced our game against second place Northampton. Who decided that was a good idea?

Portsmouth away would normally be considered a highlight of the season, but this season it just seems to be part of a dazzling glare of highlights.

It’s difficult to really work out what we’ll be facing on Saturday. In the three years Pompey have been in League 2, this year’s vintage seemed to be the best we’ve seen when they came to the Kassam in August. They’ve also lost the least number of games in the division, but they’ve drawn the most. They sit a threatening 5th, have just beaten Ipswich in the cup, but have only won four in the last 10.

We on the other hand, are still well placed in third we’re on the verge of a Wembley final, we’ve just beaten two teams from a higher division… but, we’re in comparatively poor run of League form. Although we’ve also enjoyed a much needed rest this week.

It’s all so confusing, I’m beginning to think this success lark isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Old game of the day

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