Coming up – Bristol Rovers

The drop

It’s been a dizzying week, and it concludes with, perhaps, the most important game of all. Rovers sit 5th, so no push-overs, Plymouth and Northampton continue to perform and Portsmouth seem to have revived themselves. But how can we go into this game with anything but the upmost confidence? We’re on a tidal wave at the moment, we need to surf it.

Rovers, as they always do, are bringing 2,000+ fans and we have responded after a plea from the chairman. To be honest, I don’t think he had that much to worry about, low ticket sales was less to do with ambivalence and more due to the fact that there had been so much focus on Swansea.

But still, if we do push the crowd over 10,000, then perhaps the tide will turn. There has been quite a lot of hand-wringing amongst more long standing fans about how the county appears to be ignoring this amazing season. Maybe it just needed two live TV wins over higher league opposition to tip people over the edge. You don’t ask much do you?

Old game of the day

Our first home game as a Football League club, having returned in 2010 was a League Cup tie against Rovers who at the time were in League 1. We came in hope rather than expectation, we slaughtered them.

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