Coming up – Yeovil

The drop

“There are no bad teams in League 2”
“Apart from Yeovil”
“Oh yeah, apart from Yeovil, they’re awful”
So went the conversation between Nick Harris and Jerome Sale a couple of weeks ago. If it’s true that Yeovil are the worst team in the division, and our JPT tie gave us reason to believe they are, then we might benefit from the mental break that comes with constantly playing pressure games.
On the other hand, this is League 2 and being awful one week is no indicator of being awful the next. We learnt that last year with Hartlepool who looked dead and buried at this point but rose from the ashes to survive beating us in the process. Yeovil are a good club, I wouldn’t put it past them to get out of the mess they seem to find themselves in. We should beware.

Old game of the day

Not much to choose from for games against Yeovil, so let’s go all the way back to, um, earlier this season. It was retro day at the Kassam, so it was all nostalgia off the pitch and on it, we were reminded of past glories.

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