Coming up: Plymouth Argyle

The biggest game of the season? Maybe. Yeovil, Notts County, Bristol Rovers, Portsmouth, Swindon, Leyton Orient… we’ve been building up to something since the start of the season. We’ve been constantly testing our level and pretty much, passed at every stage. This isn’t going to get us promoted, not by a long way, but it could secure our candidature for this year’s league title.

As well as the game itself, we also need to cope with the (sort of) disappointment of Saturday. There are positives in all this; the draw against Orient reminds us of our mortality, which can be helpful in maintaining focus on the bigger prize. Going into a game against the team at the top with a sense of invincibility is asking for trouble.

Old game of the day 

I’m going to use this post to explain something I hear all the time about Plymouth Argyle. Whenever we play Argyle, someone is bound to comment on how amazing it is that they’ve brought as many away fans as they have. All the way from Devon.

An Argyle fan once explained this to me; it’s because of the Devonian diaspora. Lots of people born in the area move away, particularly to London, due to a lack of employment opportunities. As a result, Plymouth have always had a good away following because most away games are closer than their home games. There you go, next time you hear someone go on about how far they’ve all travelled, you can put them straight.

Anyway, here’s us missing a hatful of chances in the League Cup in 1997.

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One thought on “Coming up: Plymouth Argyle

  1. As a Pompey fan I'm hoping for an Oxford win or draw. I expected to see the present top 3 there at the end of the season. Having seen both games against Oxford and Argyle, my own take is that on the day we were lucky against Oxford although we bossed most of the second half. Against Argyle at HP we cut them to bits for 90 mins and the only surprise was that it was 2 pens that beat them . Pompey have not fired completely yet and someone is going to take an almighty spanking from us soon. Hopefully all 3 of our respective sides will go up this year along with either Morecambe or Accrington who I have also been impressed with.


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