Oxford United 1 MK Dons 0

I got a bit bored of the hand wringing that was around in the run up to our win over MK Dons. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t like the decision to allow Wimbledon to relocate, nor do I understand how anyone can build a meaningful relationship a club that is such an artificial construct.

And, Peter Winkelman might look like the doorman in a cheap horror porno, but you can’t blame him for protecting his investment by relocating his business from an unviable location to one that might allow it to thrive.

The fans are just buying a product that’s been presented to them. I would find it difficult to support a club that I hadn’t invested lifetime in, but if my football mad son wanted to go and see a live game; and MK Dons was the local option, I might give it a crack.

The FA made a bloody stupid decision, which they now regret. But the practice still goes on, with the support of the footballing purists. Nobody complains when ‘phoenix’ clubs are offered positions in leagues higher than their real status deserves.

Whilst we like to believe our club has been borne from some Arthurian myth. But, most clubs have some murky past; Oxford wouldn’t have survived its recent years without the loyal support of fans whose allegiances were forged during the mid-80s, when Robert Maxwell used stolen pension money to fund our success.

If anything AFC Wimbledon have thrived as a result. In their previous incarnation, they were the ugly wart of the Premier League, but now they’re a model of how clubs should be run. Venal chancers have been run out of town and the fans are in charge.

People need get over it and move on. It has been widely acknowledged as being something that should never be repeated. Just because someone doesn’t make the right decision, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve made the wrong one.

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