Transfer Clisted

So Chris Wilder has re-enforced his position that Simon Clist is surplus to requirements despite taking him on tour to America. Although it would seem that Wilder has put out mixed messages regarding his attitude to Clist, we shouldn’t be too surprised about Wilder’s stance.

Lest we forget Eddie Hutchinson, who was so surplus to requirements back in 2008. He wasn’t even registered as a player yet played his way back into the team. Leo Roget was also once left out in the cold only to play his way back into contention. To allow a perfectly capable player to get fat and lazy on your wage bill is unprofessional. To keep him active and involved (and registered) means he’s available when needed right up to the point he ultimately leaves.

We seem to assume – or are continually told by the press – that a player’s relationship with the manager is binary. He either loves you or hates you. It seems inconceivable that Wilder and Clist might have sat down and come to a mutual understanding that his contribution to the club’s progress has been fantastic, but that it must always seek to improve. It is no reflection on Clist or his ability when other players become available who might improve on the foundations he has helped to lay. A good professional will understand this, and Clist is a good professional.

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