Yellows 0 Accrington Stanley 0

There’s this girl, right? She looks really pretty, but not out of your league. It’s just there’s never been the opportunity to talk with her. Then, one night in the pub she’s on her own and her phone is out of battery.

You let her borrow yours and get talking to her. Things go well and you walk her home.

At her front door she says “Maybe we could…”

Immediately, you say “yes, great” and walk across the threshold into her house. You look back and she’s still standing on the step looking puzzled. Oh God, what was she going to say? Maybe she wasn’t asking you in. Your confidence seeps away.

She follows you anyway, one thing leads to another. You’re kissing when suddenly you say the name of your ex-girlfriend. The girl rolls away. You apologise. She says it’s nothing, it’s ‘fine’, it was… nice.

You exchange pleasantries, and make for the door. In one last attempt you turn to ask her that maybe you could see her again. Her face prevents you from uttering a single word. In fact, she might actually be shaking her head.

So, the long anticipated first date with Accrington Stanley turned out to be an uncomfortable affair and that first league win has again proved elusive.

It’s been an emotionally draining opening few weeks. All those portentous firsts, all that anticipation; it’s not surprising that things were going to fall a little flat at some point. From the giddy heights of Wembley, hopefully we’ve sobered up enough to knuckle down and get a rhythm going for the season.

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