Yellows 1 Kidderminster 2

The fact I listened to the Kidderminster defeat while shuttling back and forth to the local dump gives some indication where my subconscious prioritises the FA Trophy. Don’t get me wrong; winning a trophy at Wembley would have been great, and I wanted us to win. But when the scores were level and the discussion turned to fixture scheduling, I found my interest waning; when Kidderminster scored, I was relieved it was going to be resolved on the day. It was like the death of a frail elderly relative; ideally you want to keep them going but, in the end, artificially sustaining their life, delaying the inevitable, benefits nobody and it becomes a relief to see them go.

Talking of which, surely it’s time to kill Chester off. As much as I hate to see a club going under, and whatever the reasons for the doom, there is a point where the option of starting again is far more preferable to chasing down a lost cause.

They’ve continuously proven that they are a stricken ship; even if they do survive the chucking-out order on Friday, what chance they’ll complete their fixtures in anything resembling a competitive way? And what would the point be anyway as surely the prospect of surviving the summer remains wafer thin. The greatest they can hope for is to shift from one farcical situation to another. In the meantime, everyone suffers from their continual ineptitude.

Instead of getting wrapped up in the minutiae of saving a grand old club or the evil doings of dodgy businessmen, it’s time to look more broadly; for everyone’s sake, why can’t we just wring its neck and be done with it. Let them start afresh, let us get on with the season.

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