Chelmsford 1 Yellows 3

They say you should dress where you want to be, not where you are. Although if I drive a Ferrari and sleep with the girlfriend of someone at work; that doesn’t make me John Terry, it makes me a twat. Hmm, on the other hand…

For all the talk of what a Mickey Mouse competition the FA Trophy is, the fact we’re treating it with the same focus and seriousness as any league game is proof our success is based on focussing on where we are, not where we want to be. If it’s Chelmsford we’ve got to beat, then let’s stop worrying about whether they’re worthy of playing us and go and beat them.

And why not? Should we miss promotion for any reason, but end up lifting the Trophy at Wembley, it will still rank amongst the top 5 highlights of my 34 years of following the Yellows. As a football fan you don’t get the opportunity to be happy very often, I’ll take what I can, thanks very much.

We can take our status way too seriously. Should we ever reach the Premier League again, we will most likely be subject to a complete pounding week after week. If the necessaries are put in place to actually succeed in that bear pit, it’s likely to end in crippling debt and disenfranchised fans. For every silver lining there’s a cloud.

So, let’s enjoy this for what it is; success. As they say, you can only play that which is in front of you – although with the fixtures in the mess they are, who knows who that might be from one week to the next?

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