York City 1 Yellows 1

Martin Foyle had it all worked out; his big boys – Rankine and Ferrell – were going to put our big boys, Foster and Creighton, under pressure. They don’t like it up ‘em, it would seem. All accounts suggest that Foyle nearly cracked it judging by the pressure we came under in the draw against York.

Nearly. York nearly cracked us on the opening day of the season and nearly cracked us yesterday. Critically, they didn’t. They’ve come as close as anyone to nail us, but in the end we’ve come out with four points, they’ve got one. Of all the things to worry about this season; being beaten by York now isn’t one of them.

The ‘Conference Zidane’ Andy Burgess continued to make friends by predicting our future demise whilst shielding his eyes from the blinding reflection shining from his trophy cabinet.

What Mr Burgess misses is that his only influence over our choking, should he choose to drift in from the wing and actually give a shit, comes in February, when we head for Kenilworth Road. And even then, even if they take the points they’ll do no more than even up this year’s two game series.

The point is that each team offers a different challenge and that challenge manifests itself in three hours of football per year. Once that three hours is up, the challenge goes away and it’s on to the next one. A scratchy draw and a win against York – done. Time to move on.

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