News round-up: Creighton signs

When Adam Murray signed from Macclesfield there was derision amongst the Macclesfield fans. Basically Murray was universally recognized as being rubbish, one person witheringly stated that he’d never seen Murray take a good corner. Ouch.

This has proved to be completely unfair on Murray, but such is the defensive nature of football fans when players abandon them. It’s not so much the impact on the team, but the leaving process that is so difficult for a devout fan-for-life.

The signing of Mark Creighton has brought about an altogether different response from Kidderminster fans. No comment here on Crieghton’s abilities. Aside from the existential comment on what it all means for the Harriers themselves, the other concern surrounds the impact on Creighton’s livelihood. In short, is it wise for him to move to a club whose finances may be equally parlous to their own?

It seems we’ve got a good one, and one that explains the Willmott decision. But it’s a good point; how are we affording even moderate ‘undisclosed fees’? Not so long ago we were apparently battling to stay out of administration, now we’re actually paying fees for players. One can only assume that without the salaries of Hutchinson, Yemi and Willmott suddenly we’re living within our means. If not, then perhaps there’s a mystery benefactor lurking in the shadows… which begs the question – who’s Keyser Soze?

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