Cambridge United 1 Yellows 1, Yellows 2 Lewes 1

Gordon Brown has been warning against protectionism in the fight against recession. I understand the general mechanics of the global economy and how protectionism is the antithesis of wealth creation, but there is a lot of appeal in concerning yourself with only what is close to home.

Half way through the second half today I found myself feeling anxious. The Farrell/Murray partnership hadn’t done enough damage up front for Yemi to exploit and it seemed the gameplan, and with it the win, had gone to pot.

Although we eventually camped in their penalty box and drew blood to take the win, my anxiety wasn’t born out of the impact the draw would have on the season. That’s a side issue for me. My anxiety resulted from a fear of destroying our fragile confidence. I’m wasn’t interested in where it took us in the league; I just wanted to continue the satisfaction of watching winning football.

For too long we have watched the world conspire against us to throw us into the pits of hell. Such has been the procession of awfulness, even the most logically minded of us can begin to feel as though a greater force is dictating our future. This season, I suppose, it has been. It was noticeable today on the radio that the team news was trumped by team-sheet news – they’ve added a column for player registration numbers.

This news proceeded Nick Harris’ typically tortuous pre-match metaphors – last week this game was like Barak Obama, this week like the Nadal/Federer match in the Australian Open.

He’s rather like a kindly reverend – what he says is of no consequence, but his confused naivety is reassuring. He seems utterly bamboozled by the modern world – constantly referring to the ‘Blue Circle Premiership’ and getting every name he utters confused – swatting away his befuddlement as though correctness belongs to another generation. If the world’s greater forces are at work Nick Harris has long given up trying to understand them.

These forces were at work on Tuesday so blame me for the Cambridge draw. I stumbled on an online free stream of the game just as some bloke I vaguely recognise as an ex-pro who probably played in the East Midlands was claiming he could only see Oxford extending their lead. Within three minutes Billy Turley had tipped two stinging shots over the bar, the third flew in. I guess it’s penance for watching an illegal hook-up of the game.

So, the world is too big and confusing, I would rather just protect what I have – and if home wins is all I have, that’ll do for now.

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