Yellows 2 Forest Green Rovers 1

Ricky or Yemi, Yemi or Ricky? Which do you play and which stays on the bench. It doesn’t seem to matter really. Both are impact players, one does the dirty work, then the other scores the goals. On Tuesday Yemi managed to put in at least one defensive header, confound us all, and himself, with a headed goal, before rounding it off with a inch perfect pass to James Constable for his goal. Inch Perfect Pass… three words you wouldn’t normally associate with Yemi.

Whether this is enough to keep Ricky at the club or Yemi off the list Chris Wilder has circulated, remains to be seen. He seems the kind of man who likes players that put in a 90-minute shift – especially if Yemi is on anything like the money people claim he’s on.

But then, who knows with Chris Wilder? Which may be the secret to his current success. His was a fantastically underwhelming appointment. We don’t know him and we’re culturally programmed to be shy of things we don’t know. This has given him space to work – we all knew Patterson, Smith, Wright and Shotton and our expectations were clear and instant. We shy away from commenting on Wilder’s decisions because he’s still an outsider and we don’t know how to approach him. Personally I quite like the distance, I don’t want to be the manager, I know I can’t do any better. I’ll play my role and let him play his.

Wilder has also stumbled on another secret to our success, which is to avoid playing away. League administrative issues aside, the visits to Crawley and Cambridge this week will teach us a lot more about our manager, our team and our season.

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