Salisbury 2 Yellows 1, Yellows 5 Ebbsfleet 1

My daughter was born on the 6th May 2006 at about 9.50am. Significant enough for me but it should be a significant date for you too. That was the day we were relegated from the Football League. At her mother’s suggestion, I made both events, which made it a pretty mind-scrambling day.

This Christmas Baby-Girl Oxblogger got her first Oxford kit. She looks ace, it comes with yellow shorts which I was pretty excited about – it seems they only to make them for the first team and toddlers. Unless the toddlers’ shorts are just left-overs from Sam Deering’s match kit.

As an aside, I don’t think the Sam Deering is “a racist” as it would suggest that he’s put some thought into the issue and adopted a considered position. I think he’s probably just a dimwit. Even the best footballers in the world are capable of getting themselves arrested when they might do well to lounge around safely in their multi-million pound mansions. Ultimately, I suspect that Deering’s dimwittedness is a contributing factor in him playing football in the Conference. I’m a firm believer in natural law and so a fine and warning should be adequate for now. If there’s something more serious afoot, he’ll be found out eventually.

The fact that you can only get yellow shorts for the first team and babies is probably a subtle joke about our away form from Carlotti. So it was proved on Boxing Day with our abject defeat to Salisbury. They were always going to be a dangerous opponents – financially crippled, losing players, losing games, generally in crisis. As we’ve proved time and again, we can’t cope with teams like that.

Then it all changed round with the 5-1 win against Ebbsfleet. Admittedly we’re in good form at home and they were abysmal, so it’s easy to get carried away, but if Wilder has had time to influence our play it was in the fact we were more compact than we have been. The defence played a high line so everyone was supported a good start for Wilder.

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