Yellows 0 Woking 0

Good design should mean something. Yesterday was the first time I’d seen the new shirt close up. With its blue piping and pale yellow colour, from some angles it looks like the old Milk Cup Final shirt. From the front it is largely indistinguishable from last season’s incarnation.

Which makes you think that the Carlotti designers are telling us that the glory days are well and truly behind us, whilst looking forward it all looks the same as last year.

It comes to something when a home game against pointless Woking fills you with dread. They were going to break their duck at some point; we always screw up ‘easy’ games. On reflection, a featureless 0-0 draw was a bit of a relief.

There was a peculiar atmosphere around the ground – less anger and frustration than last season, it was more muted helplessness. It’s a sign of what has been an all-round peculiar first month. The division hasn’t yet revealed its natural order with all the pre-season favourites faltering. Few of the teams currently at the top look capable of maintaining a charge. Of the better equipped, only Cambridge have held any form, but they’ve got off the field problems and it’s difficult to see them running away with the title a la Aldershot. Pre-season Burton look best suited, but even they’ve faltered, while Torquay and Stevenage have faired worse than us. Our screwy start to the season hasn’t had quite the catastrophic effect it might have otherwise had.

The other thing about the new shirt is that its material seems to be made of the same stuff the 2004-6 shirt was. We know where that shirt ultimately took us; although we’re probably not relegation material… yet.

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