Barrow 3 Yellows 0

Why was our opening game against Barrow switched to the 8th August? Because Setanta didn’t want China to be the only institution with an appalling human rights record to open a sporting competition this year.

I haven’t found it easy engaging with the new season – it doesn’t help that for the first time in a decade or more, holidays and weddings have finally conspired against me and I will miss three of the first four home games of the season.

As such I didn’t take a great deal of notice in the build up to the 0-3 defeat (Barrow on a Friday hardly sounds like a season opener). Also, I’ve quite enjoyed the summer break from Football and feel a bit reluctant to get back into it.

On the way to picking up a takeaway, I tuned into Radio Oxford to hear James Clarke get sent-off and that sinking feeling returned. We’re a hard team to love.

Many teams have had poor starts and good seasons – in the last two years we’ve beaten Dagenham and Burton in August and they ended up champions and play-off finalists respectively. Pre-season optimism can be a bad thing and a bucket of cold water early on can do you a lot of good.

There’s every chance we will get to Sunday at the bottom of the table, but perhaps, like me, we shouldn’t expect to start the season in anger until September.

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