Ebbsfleet 1 Us 3

Two things that summed up this season:

The first, Arthur Gnohere, unchallenged in the box, inexplicably raises his arm to the ball and gives Aldershot a gifted goal. Aldershot were the team that did everything right; we were a team of compromises in a squad burdened with big wages and unable to get the likes of Gilchrist and Willmott out of the treatment room. The penalty was the only thing that differentiated us from them, but it broke our spirit and we won only four games before Christmas.

Second is playing Ebbsfleet – a team from a town that doesn’t exist owned by people who live in the Internet at 5.15 on a Saturday tea time. Wrong team, wrong time, wrong division.

We don’t belong here; and that might be the problem. Perhaps we need to get a bit more ‘Conference’ to be competitive. We need to embrace the division and its associated competitions. This way, rather than being shocked and broken by teams we perceive to be socially below us, we’ll embrace the effort needed to beat every team regardless of the state of their changing rooms.

We’re good and if we can keep the spine of Turley, Foster, Murray and Green together; we’ll compete next year. But, one thing we have to remember is, we’re not too good for this division.

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