Us 3 Histon 0, Us 1 Droylsden 0

As I was concentrating a month’s worth of drinking into a single glass of Absinthe at a stag do in Belgium, the Us were concentrating a season’s worth of excitement into 90 minutes against Histon. Lets face it, the season has been so devoid of excitement; it had to be hiding somewhere.

Like one of those children expressing their feelings of being unloved by trashing their room behind their parents’ backs and blaming it on ghosts. I returned to the Kassam for yesterday’s win over Droylsden to find little to justify the obvious sense that things had turned the corner.

That’s not to say things haven’t improved. The new signings are all plainly better (or at least, less tainted) than those they’ve replaced. But we remain pretty flabby down the right.

A lot of this was blamed on Anaclet’s performance, fitness may have been a factor, but he’s previously stated his unease in playing on the wing, and with the patchy Day sitting behind him, it’s unlikely he’ll turn on the style with that configuration. Personally, I’d play Anaclet at right-back with Yemi on the wing; although Yemi is more an agitator than a winger. Someone on the right is still needed; Yemi’s position looks destined to be as super-sub.

So, my brief fears of an unlikely relegation have been extinguished, but a blistering charge to the play-offs is surely out of the question. It has been the most awful of seasons, but at least there is some light appearing. We should be grateful for small mercies.

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