Salisbury 3 Us 1

Whilst I nestled in the bosom of my oldest and most valued friends I allowed my other pre-occupying obsession to toil their way to another defeat. I didn’t check the result until nearly 9pm, and have no idea really what happened. I didn’t care that much, which was a cleansing experience.

Aside from the hysterics on the messageboards, I seemed to be the only one who hasn’t ruled out a relegation fight. Maybe that makes me a hysteric; but not a very good one. Complacency could still be our undoing, we don’t want to plod our way to May and find that we have meaningful games and not the legs, or thirst for the fight.
It is unlikely, admittedly, but not for the first time in recent years this is because of others’ inadequacies, not our own capabilities. However we are burning off games without reward at an alarming rate. I have this lurking fear that our inadequacies will catch up with us and we’ll drop with a thunk into a world which we are ill-equipped to deal with.

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