News round-up – No one likes us

Good news all round this week; the big Zebowski signs up for another month, Hutchinson, Santos, Willmott and Basham all making good progress recovering from their various injuries. Corcoran is in negotiations to join on a permanent basis. A suggestion that the club might build a temporary fourth stand for the home leg of the play-off – an economic and logistical improbability to me. Even the £560k deficit from last year will delight many fans – after all you can’t argue that we’re suffering a lack of investment.

I may be cynical or over analytical, but this flood of good news has been timed perfectly to get everyone up for the play-off onslaught. Hell, why not, the amount of energy wasted on counter productive booing and general cynicism would power Sellafield. Channelled in the right direction could make a world of difference.

What’s more, if we don’t do it, sure as hell no one else will. The BBC 606 message board discussing the conference team of the season shows as much. Barely an Oxford player is mentioned. It’s not a total surprise; we’re not part of the “conference family”; outcasts who are not worthy of consideration.

This is a shock to me; because Oxford used to be a club who played attractive football and punched above its weight. People used to like us. Now people delight in our failings. There’s an opportunity to galvanise a seige mentality; which will bring the club back together again.

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