News round-up – Revolving door special

In – The Big Zeboski
By my reckoning Jim Smith made his 10th signing since drawling something about bringing in ‘one, maybe two’ players due to the wage cap. The magical transfer elixir; The Dexter Blackstock Transfer Money has been stretched to the signing of Chris Zebroski on loan from Millwall.

Zebroski looked a decent signing on Wednesday and should certainly offer some much needed mobility up-front once properly fit.

Perhaps less well documented was his reason for leaving Plymouth

Out – Coombes
Gregg Coombes is on his bike, and joins a host of players (Slabber, Grebis…) who barely unpacked their bags before being told to take a hike. Coombes arrived as Jim Smith looked for some meat in midfield due to injuries of Hutchinson and Pettefer and the patchy form of Burgess and Hargreaves. Smith seemed to hedge his bets by signing both Coombes and Martin Foster. Foster has be the unequivocal victor.

In – Corcoran
Michael Corcoran has signed up for another month. This will be his last loan due to one of those unfathomable transfer rules which says you can’t have more than three consecutive one month loans. This all means he won’t make the play-offs. There’s no doubt Corcoran’s quality; presumably he’ll help to secure the play-off place before handing over to Luke Foster (who has also looked pretty solid) for the final run-in.

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