A Duff idea?

Like most football fans, I don’t like change. I don’t like new-fangled marketing ideas or rules. I secretly don’t like being treated like a customer; part of me wants to stand on a crumbling roofless terrace freezing to death – it’s all part of the authentic experience.

I don’t like the idea of using cameras to help make borderline decisions; it’s divisive, it plays into the hands of the TV companies, and, one of the things that’s never pointed out is that at the top level, the only place it’s possible to have such an arrangement, referees and linesmen actually make the right decision most of the time. In the main the good teams do better than the bad teams, despite what the likes of Chris Coleman would have you believe; a couple of decisions going his way would see Fulham knocking on the Champions League door.

I do question whether the introduction of sin bins may be a beneficial option for a referee when managing a game. Take Saturday; Rob Duffy’s head had gone according to Jim Smith. He’d been booked and got himself involved in a lot of niggle. The only option, apart from waiting for him to be sent off, was to take him off. It disproportionately disadvantaged the Us, especially given that Darren Jones was equally at fault. A couple of minutes in the sin bin to cool down would have sorted out the problem.

I’m not suggesting that if Duffy had stayed, victory would have been assured; that should have been possible with him there or not, but it might have offered a reasonable solution to resolving an awkward situation.

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