In out, in out, shake it all about

The least said about yesterday’s game the better. It probably has little bearing on the rest of the season so let’s move on.

There’s been a bit of movement within the senior squad this week; Time And Relative Dimensions In Football: Chris Tardif has asked for a transfer. It’s not really a surprise he’s a more than capable keeper sitting on the bench at a Conference club; it’s amazing he signed a new contract in the summer.

Everyone seems to like Tardif; fans tend to have a black and white view when it comes to goalkeepers – the likes of Phil Whitehead, Richard Knight and Paul Reece were loved, whereas Paul Kee, Neil Cutler and Ian McCaldon were all universally loathed. Tardif was definitely the former; but in an era of brutish centre backs and failed champagne signings it was probably more to do with his steady ‘nice bloke’ middle manager persona.

Jamie Slabber is on his way, which can come as a surprise to no one. OK, some things worked against him; the team in a slump and a lot of games away from home but at no point did he show that he had anything worth hanging on to. You have got to question the attitude of a player with a Premiership scorecard lounging around the benches of the Conference.

As the January transfer window starts winding itself open, the inevitable rumours are starting to fly. Luke Rodgers may be on his way, apparently. Rodgers was always a pain when he played against us for Shrewsbury and could be a good signing. He was at his best when playing with the old warhorse Nigel Jemson who did all the thinking whilst Rodgers did all the running. He always looked like he should be playing at a higher level, but Crewe is about as far as he’s got. Assuming he hasn’t got a bit of the Slabber in him, he could well be a decent partner for Steve Basham, who is very much the thinker in the striker roster.

I suppose it was inevitable that other rumours are flying around. Andy Burgess to Leeds seems a little far fetched, but the This is United forum rumour that he might be on his way to Peterborough which is more credible, but only because it’s consistent with Posh’s current signing policy.

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