Grave end

Whoever it was who invented the league table could not have anticipated the genius of his concept. It seems that no matter how many games are played in any league season; the title is rarely resolved until very late and even then after more than forty games, by a margin of not much more than a couple of wins. That’s a dodgy offside, pulled hamstring or divot in the turf between victory and nothing.

A league defeat, an off day, at some point, was inevitable. Notions of invincibility had been nonsensical. We were always going to be at our most vulnerable either playing a lesser team or, as in this case, straight after our FA Cup exit. Don’t be surprised if we have an uncomfortable game against Tamworth on Saturday, or another defeat in the coming weeks. A stumble was, at some point going to come, and although I don’t think it’s over, I still expect us to recover a rhythm that should take us to the title.

We’re not going to win every game by five goals and the championship won’t be secured by February. We’re two points clear and therefore on schedule for the title by five points. Now is not the time to panic.

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