The big one?

How do SKY choose their games? There seems to be three criteria; firstly there are the top games that always get selected involving any two of Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool. After that it becomes slightly more arbitary; games are picked on the basis of last season’s result and most bizarre of all, there are the games which you might describe as a ‘spurious derby’ the biggest example being Aston Villa v West Ham which is always shown live on the basis of them both playing in the same colours.

The media, notoriously lazy in such things, would probably choose to screen Cambridge v Oxford on SKY, should the teams be in such a position. Apparent rivalry stemming, of course, from the universities.

Naturally, there is no such rivalry, but perhaps it’s the reason last night’s game against the boys from just up the A4144, A44, A34, M40, A43, M1, A45, A14, A1307, A1134, A1303, was moved to a Friday night, for fear of trouble or something.

Still, a controlled destruction ensued, showing the importance of Rufus Brevitt in the team.

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