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A busy week at work and a weekend away means I’m a bit behind on the Oxblogger front.

The Southport game was like one of those Friday nights down the pub. You look forward to it, all the ingredients of a good night are there, but when you actually get to it you feel a bit tired and it’s all a bit flat.

Oxford started slowly and lethargically, there was no rhythm, even the clapping in the Oxford Mail stand was stuttering and off beat. You hope, in cases like that, that they might snap out of it or get away with a half without conceding. When you concede within two minutes it suddenly gets hard, the game plan goes out the window and everything becomes an uphill struggle.

The worry, of course, is that the wheels are starting to fall off. Especially when both goals expose the same weakness and the next game is away. It was a relief for such a quick return to form albeit against a team described by my Tamworth fan brother-in-law ‘a village side’.

Why has the season been so hectic? It’s easy to forget that it’s is less than two months old because we’re already 14 games in. Perhaps it’s to get games out the way before the winter starts to bite, or maybe its to create some positive cash flow after the summer. Either way it’s a breakneck season, although to be honest, for me, the sooner its over the better.

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