Weymouth 2 Yellows 2, Sudbury 0 Yellows 2, Yellows 1 Stevenage 1

Cooper, Osman, Mills, Thijssen, Butcher, Murhen, Wark, Mariner, Brazil, McCall, Gates.

For reasons I may have previously gone into, but can’t be bothered to check, I did go through a period in the late seventies, early eighties of being an Ipswich Town fan. It coincided with their glory years under Bobby Robson.

Although I’ve had an association with Oxford since I was tiny, my interest really turned in the early eighties at which point we also entered a period latterly known as the glory years.

On both occasions it was complete happenstance. I subsequently went through my early adolescence thinking that supporting football was about exciting successful teams.

Anyway, as an Ipswich fan I was regularly seduced by their European exploits. Europe was literally miles away, the commentaries were crackily and distant. The teams AZ Alkmaar, Saint Ettienne, Borussia Moenchengladbach wore weird and wonderful kits.

In the back of Shoot magazine there would occasionally be adverts for replica shirts. I’d look at them longingly, those and the NASL shirts, hoping that I would get one for Christmas. I’d make lists of my favourites, narrowing them down the ones that had the Adidas stripes and matching tracksuit top.

On Christmas day I invariably would get a tracksuit, it would be plain blue with two stripes not three. It had probably come from the local sports shop and would now be illegal, such was its fire risk. My mum couldn’t see the subtle differences, but why should she?

Which is how I feel about the Chris Wilder appointment. For all the talk of John Ward, Steve Cotterill and Matt Elliot, Chris Wilder is a pretty underwhelming appointment. When Kelvin Thomas said he wanted somebody who had already done it, nobody thought he meant managing a failing former league team with an x in its name.

Still, let’s face it, we’ve tried everything else in the last 10 years. The returning messiah, the internal appointment, the former legends, the international big name, etc. etc. etc. None of its worked.

So, good luck to him. He’s got a bit of form, we’re at least steady following the draw with Weymouth, win against Sudbury and Saturday’s run-of-the-mill mid-table draw with Stevenage. Let’s give him a go.