News round-up: Signings! thousands of ’em

Erstwhile Yellows’ communications manager Chris Williams must be wondering what’s hit him. Normally early close-season is spent going to the toilet in the safety that the big boys – Willmott, Foster, Quinn – aren’t around to give him a wedgie. As usual, he’s been able to pick up the odd piece of kit or the discarded jockstrap of a former player make a few pennies on ebay. He missed Lewis Haldane’s leaving do, which was only unusual in that every single member of the first team squad managed to tell him the wrong venue. Hmm.

Otherwise, May is usually spent asleep at his desk, his tie dipped in his tea. But this year every time he drops off, someone starts hammering on his door telling him to grab his camera, a spare replica shirt and a scarf. “He’s only bloody gone and got another one” is the call.

Three more: Rhodes, Bullman and Midson have joined Creighton and Killock on next season’s roster. Each one seems like, you know, a properly good player.

And, we’re assured, it’s all inside the budget. It does seem unlikely that the club are being financially reckless in making these signings as seems to be the general consensus in the media. What seems to be the coming together is three things. Firstly, Hutchinson, Quinn, Willmott and Yemi, who all signed contracts in the dog days of Merry and Smith when the strategy was to sign big and storm our way back out of the conference, have gone easing our financial pressures.

Secondly, the masterstroke of getting season ticket information out early must be helping with cashflow. And third we appear to be implementing the simplest of strategies; buy up the best from our league.

Yup, Chris Williams may be busy now, but that’s nothing on what he’s going to be like next season if Wilder pulls this off like he’s threatening to.