Happy birthday to me

Oxblogger is five years old today. In my first post I said that this was a chronicle of our journey from non-league to the Champions League. I was inspired by our relegation – a suitably low place to start – and by Arseblog, who at the time were gurgling about Arsenal’s Champions League Final. Ironic, then, that the birthday falls the day after Barcelona were crowned champions of Europe in such mesmerising fashion.

I started, then, with full expectations of back-to-back championships that would have seen us Premier League champions by now. It hasn’t really worked out like that, but the aim still stands, and anyway, I wouldn’t have missed our own 3-1 Wembley win for all the championships in the world.

It’s also approaching 10 years since the opening of the Kassam Stadium. As clubs don’t do what they used to in Roy of the Rovers and go on inadvisable tours of middle-eastern despots, it could be a quiet summer. In celebration of Oxblogger’s 5th birthday and the Kassam’s 10th, I’d like to invite anyone who fancies a bit of guest blogging this summer to contribute a post to a series called: ‘The Kassam and Me’.

So, if you want to contribute something then just email me with your ‘The Kassam and Me’ post. It may be edited and I’ll try to post everything I get.

Who knows, if it goes well, perhaps we can keep it going into the new season. If not, then I’ll just keep plodding on as before. You’ve been warned.